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Personal Training – at its best!

If you have the choice between a Personal Trainer OR a Personal Trainer + Physiotherapist + Strength & Conditioning Coach - which would you choose?

Located in Neutral Bay, Andrew has all the qualifications, skills and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior. With a keen interest in sports himself, Andrew knows how to help his clients achieve optimal results and prevent and manage injuries through correct training, nutrition and knowledgeable management.

How can Andrew assist your training for your chosen sport?

Over the years, Andrew has worked with a variety of elite professional sports people in AFL, golf and cricket. He was also the head Physiotherapist at the Sydney Swans Academy and Golf Fit Pro, so he knows how to help people achieve their optimal fitness and performance.

Using all of his experience, Andrew designs a customised training plan for each of his clients, specific to their sport, goals, previous fitness experience, time availability etc. The individualised program you will receive is designed not only to improve your fitness, but also to increase your strength, body composition and athletic performance. Your training can either be time-based, for example you have 3 months to achieve peak performance or it can be goal-based, for example you want to gain 5-10kg of muscle.

How can you start training with Andrew?

Once you have made a booking with Wild Physio Fitness, Andrew will discuss your goals and how best to achieve them, given any time constraints. Andrew includes nutritional and dietary advice in his Personal Training Program and you also have access to 'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition' which helps to educate so you get the most out of your training.

If you need more information about Personal Training with Andrew call him on 0404 775 652 or shoot him an email on