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Personal Training

Wild PT

Andrew has worked with a variety of elite professional sports people in AFL, golf, cricket, tennis, athletics, swimming etc. He was also the Head Physiotherapist at the Sydney Swans Academy and Golf Fit Pro.

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Women's Training

Andrew recognises that the menstrual cycle, menopause, hormones, pregnancy, PCOS and amenorrhea should be considered when creating a training and nutrition plan for women. Your training sessions are tailored to your exact needs.

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Glute Group

Glute Group (GG) is a group training class specifically designed for women who want to look great, get leaner, optimise their body composition and have a focus on developing their glutes. It’s a group training session for a maximum of six women per session.

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Youth Strength Class

An individualised, semi private, strength training class for up to 5 youths (18 and under) per session who want to learn how to lift weights and get stronger. This training session is claimable via your health fund as it's a Physiotherapy class. Please book an Initial Consultation before attending this class for the first time, so we can set you up with an individualised program.

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