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As a Physio myself, I am very selective in who I see for treatment and training. Andrew's Glute Group program is one of the most effective strength and conditioning programs I have come across.

I've been attending Glute Group since May 2020 and love it! Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and creates a fun and supportive atmosphere for everyone in the class. I've learnt so much in the past few months and have seen a huge improvement in my ability. 10/10 would recommend!

Andrew is an awesome physiotherapist and personal trainer. I personally love his workout packages and E-books, which provide an enormous amount of value! If you're into working out or learning more about the body, then I would definitely recommend taking a look at Andrew's products and services.

As a professional golf coach for more than 25 years improving golfers at all levels and having guided tour winners to tournament victories around the world, I know what a quality trainer and expert of the body looks like. I have found Andrew very capable to differentiate between what’s required for different people, of different ages that have different objectives. I would recommend Andrew to any golfer/person that wants to improve the functionality of their body.

I've been seeing Andrew for the last 10 months after seeing a chiropractor for over 3 years for my chronic back pain with little to no improvement. He taught me consistency is the key and also helped me see through all the useless information that exists out there about pain and nutrition. My back is now the best it has ever been after so many years of living with back pain. Bottom line, Andrew is fantastic and brilliant at what he does. He is a true genuine guy, and his evidence-based approach makes everything so simple and easy to understand.

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