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Hybrid Therapist Podcast

#4 Taping: We discuss the Cross Bracing Protocol, rigid taping, kinesiotape, effectiveness of tape and much more. 

#3 Physiotherapy Business: We discuss our business journey, what we have learnt, what we would do differently, what it takes to setup a Physiotherapy business and much more. 

#2 Season 4: We Are Back 2.0: We discuss why we haven't recorded a podcast in two years, where the physio industry is heading, upcoming episodes and much more. 

#1 Season 4: We Are Back: We discuss our last 12 months, COVID, ACLs, strength testing, university Physio curriculum changes that should happen, what we look for in a Physio and much more. 

#5 Daniel Menzel: ACL rehab: Today we welcome Daniel Menzel who is an AFL footballer who played 80 games over a 10 year career for the Geelong Cats and Sydney Swans. Dan had FOUR ACL reconstructions and returned successfully to the AFL after 1450 days on the sidelines. We discuss his football career, how he coped physically and mentally with years of rehab, his advice to people who are going through ACL rehab, his return to the AFL and much more.

#4 Mike Boyle: S+C Coach: Today we welcome Mike Boyle who is one of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength & Conditioning, functional training and general fitness. We discuss adolescent sport specialisation, olympics lifts, unilateral vs. bilateral leg strength and exercises, sprinting, manual therapy, evidence led practice and much more.

#3 Professionalism: Today the Andrew's discuss professionalism, how to contact colleagues & surgeons, how to use social media, how to begin a consult, the importance of listening and much more.

#2 Shona Vertue: Strength Training for Women, Mobility & the Fitness Industry: Today we welcome Shona Vertue who is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the founder and owner of the Vertue Method which is practised in over 60 countries. We discuss Shona's life & career, the difference between flexibility and mobility, why Shona started lifting weights, why women should strength train, the impending Zombie apocalypse and much more.

#1 Season 3 Intro: Today we intro and preview season 3, review the first 2 seasons, discuss ACL ruptures in women's sport and much more.

#18 Season 2 Finale: Today we discuss our name change and goal of bringing therapists together, diagnosis, the art of Physio & S+C coaching, we bust a few myths, discuss the biased and BS documentary 'The Game Changers', climate change and much more. 

#17 Bronte Campbell: Olympic Swimmer: Today we welcome Bronte Campbell who is a two time Olympian, Olympic gold medalist, 5 time long course World Championship gold medalist and 5 time Commonwealth Games gold medalist. We discuss her career, funding for swimming, her injuries, training load, emergency Uncle Tobys snacks, sprinters body composition, doping in sport, Tokyo 2020 and much more.

#16 Dr. Greg Lehman: Evidence Based Practice: Today we welcome Dr. Greg Lehman who is a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, lecturer, assistant professor, teacher and strength & conditioning specialist. We discuss lumbar flexion, disc bulges & herniations, pain education, if manual therapy is necessary, the lower crossed syndrome myth, if posture matters and much more.

#15 Groin Rehab: Today we discuss groin rehab (from 14.53), we review season 2, preview season 3, discuss sport specialisation and much more.

#14 Dr. Tom Cross: The Sporting Groin: Today we welcome Dr. Tom Cross who is a Sports Medicine Doctor and the current Head Doctor at the Sydney Swans. We discuss his career, the sporting groin including adductor tendinopathy, hernias, FAI, groin surgery etc, the future of sports medicine, women's sport and much more. 

#13 Bret Contreras: The Glute Guy: Today we welcome Bret Contreras PhD aka 'The Glute Guy' who is the world's foremost expert on glute training. Bret invented the hip thrust and many other exercises that are now popular in gyms around the world. We discuss his business & career, why practitioners should NOT create nocebo, hip thrust vs. squat for improving sprinting speed, glute exercises and much more.

#12 Cameron Heise: A Hybrid Physio: Today we welcome Cameron Heise who is Hybrid Physio and the owner and director of Trained Physio Fitness in Perth. We discuss Cam's Physio and football career, why personal trainers shouldn't perform manual therapy, should personal trainers be allowed to provide injury education, advice and rehab, social media, how he educates his staff and much more.

#11 Ellie Brush: Women's Sport: Today we welcome Ellie Brush who is a Physio and professional athlete who code hops from Football (Soccer) to AFLW. She has played professional sport for over a decade and has represented the Matilda's, won 2 championships in the W-League with Canberra United and was 3rd in the best and fairest for the GWS Giants in AFLW this year. We discuss her sporting career, her injuries, women's sport, funding for women's sport, her Physio career and much more.

#10 Recap: Mini Episode: Today we recap recent episodes and discuss adolescent S+C, visualisation, modification of training and much more.

#9 Dr. Stu McGill: Back Pain: Today we welcome Dr. Stu McGill who is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back pain and enhance resilience and performance. We discuss anatomy, biomechanics, the Big 3, power breathing, flexion, sit ups and much more.

#8 Wade Farmer: Group S+C: Today we welcome Wade Farmer who is the National High Performance Manager at Befit Training. He is a strength & conditioning coach and has a Medical Science degree. We discuss group S+C, athletic screening, plyometrics, the fitness industry and much more.

#7 Sohee Lee: Dieting & Strength Training for Women: Today we welcome Sohee Lee who is the founder and head coach of SoheeFit Systems. Sohee is a writer, author, personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified sports nutritionist and she is currently pursuing her PhD in sports science. We discuss her story, dieting, strength training for women, how to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and much more.

#6 Aden 'Glute Guru' Gazi: Glutes & S+C: Today we welcome Aden 'Glute Guru' Gazi who is a strength coach, the transformer of basic bitches to bad ass babes, the daddy of derries, the bubbly booty boy and he has a doctorate of gluteology. This episode has an insane amount of banter. We discuss glutes, Aden's career, how to build a booty, social media and much more.

#5 Mal Lynch: AFL career, injuries & Indigenous culture: Today we welcome Mal Lynch who is an ex-AFL footballer, Tiwi Islander, Indigenous mentor and genuine legend. We discuss his life, AFL career, injuries, Indigenous culture, Indigenous footballers and much more. This episode features plenty of banter and a cheeky Mal Lynch beatbox.

#4 Sophie Taylor: Hockeyroo & Physio Student: Today we welcome Soph Taylor who is a Hockeyroo and Physio student. We discuss her life, sporting career, injuries, why she chose Physio, her Physio degree and much more. 

#3 Dr. Cameron Marshall: Concussion: Today we welcome Dr. Cameron Marshall who is a Canadian Sports Chiropractor and the founder of Complete Concussion Management Inc. We discuss causes of concussion, concussion symptoms, concussion management, the future of concussion, headgear, whiplash, CTE and much more. We apologise for the Skype audio quality.

#2 Peter Hislop: Communication: Today we welcome Peter Hislop who is a high performance executive leadership coach, counsel and trusted advisor to ASX listed CEO's and boards. We discuss Peter's career, Peter's experience with Physiotherapy, how to communicate effectively, the importance of listening, how to communicate in a team and much more.

#1 Season 2 Intro & Ice Therapy: Today we intro & preview season 2, review season 1, discuss our personal journey, the physio & fitness industry, if you should or shouldn't use ice therapy and we throw around some general banter.

#16 Mick Hughes: ACL ruptures, surgery & rehab: Today we welcome Mick Hughes who is a Melbourne based Physio who specialises in post op rehabilitation from ACL reconstruction. We discuss mechanisms of ACL rupture, post op rehabilitation, why women rupture their ACL more than men, conservative vs. surgical management of ACL ruptures, the effect grass types and boots have on ACL ruptures and much more.

#15 Burt Cockley: S&C, Cricket, Mental Health: Today we welcome Burt Cockley who is a S&C coach currently working with USA Cricket and the University of Kansas. He is also an ex-professional cricketer with NSW, WACA, Kings XI and Perth Scorchers. We discuss Burt's cricketing career, his injuries, fast bowling injuries and rehab, mental health, his S+C career and much more.

#14 Eric Helms: Hypertrophy and Bodybuilding: Today we welcome Eric Helms who is a 3DMJ coach, athlete, author and educator. He is considered one of the leading natural bodybuilding coaches in the world. We discuss hypertrophy, RPE/RIR, what it's like being super lean, training frequency, reverse dieting, the future of bodybuilding, Eric's hip injury and much more. We had a few issues with the Skype connection from 20-30 mins so we apologise for some of the sound quality.

#13 Cam Dyer: Return to Sport and Assessment: Today we welcome Cam Dyer who is a Physiotherapist and Sports Rehab specialist. Cam is the Rehab Physio for the Men's Australian Rugby 7s. We discuss Cam's career, return to sport, assessment and much more. #experienceoverexposure

#12 Recap and future guests: We discuss our previous guests and episodes, our journey, a day in the life of the Andrew's, future guests and much more.

#11 Dr. Ameer Ibrahim: Sports Medicine: Today we welcome Dr. Ameer Ibrahim who is a Sports Doctor with over 15 years’ experience across multiple professional sports. He specialises in non-surgical treatments for tendinopathies, osteoarthritis and sporting injuries. We discuss return to sport, the amazing Cooper Cronk 2018 Grand Final story, advances in sports medicine, PRP & stem cells, how Physio’s and Sports Doctor's should work together and much more.

#10 Dr. Justin Roe: ACL Reconstruction: Today we welcome Associate Professor Justin Roe who is a specialist orthopaedic knee surgeon. We discuss operative vs non operative ACL management, juvenile ACLR, the future of ACLR, Lars grafts and why they fail, why women rupture ACLs more than men, what Dr Roe looks for in return to sport testing and much more.

He has performed over 3000 arthroscopic knee ligament reconstructions and 1100 knee joint replacement procedures since 2004. 

#9 The Prehab Guys: Today we welcome The Prehab Guys as our first overseas guests. We discuss Physio in the USA vs Australia, their business & philosophy, blood flow restriction training and much more. We had some technical issues so we apologise for the sound quality.

#8 Strength & Conditioning with Clint Hill: Part 2: Today we welcome back Clint Hill for part 2 of our S&C chat. We discuss periodisation, deloads, rest days, online coaching, who is the greatest athlete ever and much more.

#7 Strength & Conditioning with Clint Hill: Part 1: Today we welcome Clint Hill who is a ASCA Level 3 Elite Strength & Conditioning Coach, has a Masters in Strength & Conditioning from Edith Cowan University and he does High Performance Coaching and Lecturing. We discuss what a strength & conditioning coach is, social media, how Physio's and S+C coaches work together, what the future holds for S+C coaches and much more.

#6 New graduate Physio recommendations with Michael Rizk: We welcome our first guest Michael Rizk of iMove Physiotherapy and iMoveU. We discuss the changes that should be made to Physiotherapy degrees, what new graduate Physio's should focus on, what the future of Physio looks like and much more. 

#5 Should you see a Physio or Chiro? We discuss whether you should see a Physio or Chiro, debunk some passive modality myths and much more.

#4 Return to sport: We discuss what you should expect with return to sport training and testing. We also touch on calf strains, muscle fibre types and more.

#3 Core training: We discuss core training and whether you should or shouldn't perform it! We bust core training myths and also discuss what the core is and how to train it.

#2: What should you expect from your Physio?: We discuss what you should expect and hear from your Physio. We touch on fundamental movement patterns, evolution, sensationalist marketing in the fitness industry and much more.  

#1: What is a Hybrid Physio?: We define what a Hybrid Physio is, discuss future episodes, topics, and what to expect from this podcast.