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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

We design customised treatment plans that optimise the healing and recovery process of a variety of issues including: ligament sprains and ruptures, muscle strains and tears, osteoarthritis, fractures, post-surgery rehabilitation, back pain and much more.

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Sporting Injuries

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or a weekend warrior, sporting injuries can have you on the sidelines for weeks, months or even years! At Wild Physio Fitness we focus on optimising your recovery, reducing the risk of injury and maximising your performance.

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Post Op Rehab

We design customised plans, tailored to your specific sporting or life goals, that centre on pain education, strength & conditioning, manual therapy and much more. These treatment plans are aimed at minimising discomfort during recovery and maximising performance as you heal.

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ACL Rehab

For you to recover post operation we focus on muscle control, range of motion, strength, power, endurance and general fitness. We use customised programming to reduce the risk of reinjury and achieve your performance goals.

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Strength & Exercise Programs

Depending on your sport or injury, we will tailor a program for you so you can reach your goals. Your age, sex, injury history, sport and prior level of activity will all influence the structure of your strength and exercise program.

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Running Injuries

At Wild Physio Fitness, we identify the exact cause of your running injury, and use a variety of different techniques to assist in your recovery, as well as helping to reduce risk of reinjury.

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I've been seeing Andrew for the last 10 months after seeing a chiropractor for over 3 years for my chronic back pain with little to no improvement. He taught me consistency is the key and also helped me see through all the useless information that exists out there about pain and nutrition. My back is now the best it has ever been after so many years of living with back pain. Bottom line, Andrew is fantastic and brilliant at what he does. He is a true genuine guy, and his evidence-based approach makes everything so simple and easy to understand.

I came to Andrew with a small/niggling injury. He was able to accurately assess my injury via a zoom call and emailed a simple rehab plan within 3 hours. I have never had that kind of response time from a PT/Physio. Andrew helped me through rehab for this back injury for well over 7 months, supporting me and reassuring me that I would improve. I went from barely able to walk to being able to play tennis again in less 2 months. His relentless support, encouragement and dedication to improving my quality of life are rare traits to find in a person, let alone a physio.

I've been seeing Andrew now for a year and a half. In June 2016 I tore my right hamstring playing soccer. In his initial assessment he quickly and accurately identified and explained the cause of my muscle tightness and my injury. Since seeing Andrew I’ve been injury-free. I’m always very impressed with how quickly Andrew’s treatment got me back on the field. Andrew also has a fantastic understanding of how food plays a role in overall fitness and has been able to give me some great advice on food selection and quantity targets for my sport specific needs.

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