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Age: 30

Sydney, Australia

I started working with Andrew over 3 years ago. At first I went to see him as a Physio and as conversation evolved we both discovered our passion for golf. Since this time Andrew has been instrumental in my physical development across the game. Golf specific workouts are something I've experienced before but found the ones from WPF achieved amazing results and accelerated my recovery. I was able to increase my club head speed by 4 miles per hour and saw an almost immediate impact with extra length. He is someone I highly recommend and look forward to continuing our work together.

Christian Small

Teaching professional Bonnie Doon GC
Coach of winners on 4 world wide PGA tours

As a professional golf coach for more than 25 years improving golfers at all levels and having guided tour winners to tournament victories around the world I know what a quality trainer and expert of the body looks like.

I not only recommend my students to see Andrew but he was also my personal physio and strength and conditioning coach when I began training again last year at the age of 45.

Andrew is professional , precise and passionate in his endeavour to help you be the best version of you . He motivates and inspires and shows you how small steps can allow you to make giant leaps .

Andrew is caring and listens but is also very motivated to guide you in making good decisions regarding your improvement . I have found Andrew very capable to differentiate between what’s required for different people , of different ages that have different objectives .

I would recommend Andrew to any golfer/person that wants to improve the functionality of their body whether that be in the endeavour of high performance or General well being


Age: 40

Sydney, Australia

I’ve seen many sports therapists in my many many years of playing soccer and I’ve been seeing Andrew now for a year and a half. What sets Andrew aside from the rest is that he’s truly passionate about helping people, is a great communicator, has a great outlook on life, an outstanding work ethic, and most importantly knows what works and gets results. 
In June 2016 I tore my right hamstring playing soccer. Prior to the injury I’d been managing chronically tight hamstrings and adductors for a few seasons. I’d pull up sore and tight after each training session or game and found myself relying heavily on regular remedial massage and physio consultations to cope through my soccer seasons. I was aware the injury was in some part due to my muscles not being conditioned to withstand the demands of my sport and was keen to put a plan in place to reduce the likelihood of injury in the future. 
In July 2017 I went to see Andrew to see if he could help. In his initial assessment he quickly and accurately identified and explained the cause of my muscle tightness and my injury. From there he provided me with some clear advice about what I needed to do in the short-term and in the long-term to address the root cause. He set my expectations, explaining that over time, and with patience, I would see results. He designed a simple strength and conditioning plan for me which we refined and adjusted over time as my body adapted to the new routine.
Over a number sessions we worked together on adjusting my lifting and running technique. We went through the theory and then jumped into the gym where he observed me in action and gave me easy-to-follow cues to perfect my technique. Since seeing Andrew I’ve been injury-free. The muscle tightness from before disappeared, as did the need for regular remedial massage and physio consultations.  I did pick up little niggles during the season, as you would expect playing a contact sport, and was always very impressed with how quickly Andrew’s treatment got me back on the field.
Andrew also has a fantastic understanding of how food plays a role in overall fitness and has been able to give me some great advice on food selection and quantity targets for my sport specific needs.
If I were you I wouldn’t hesitate booking a first consultation with Andrew, you won’t regret it.



Age: 45

Sydney, Australia

I met Andrew just over one year ago when I was seeking help with groin and stomach injuries I had from playing football (soccer). At that time I could barely get out of a chair without pain. Andrew diagnosed the problem in the first session and over the course of a couple of months customised a strength and conditioning program to rehabilitate my injuries. I was back playing football some weeks later and the strength program had turned my body around. I went from being unable to walk after a game to playing Saturday and Sunday without any effect.

It had such a dramatic impact on my body that I have continued with Andrew's strength programs ever since. I am still injury free and enjoying the results. Andrew's passion, knowledge and ability to customise programs to really isolate a particular area or injury is exceptional. I would and do recommend Andrew to anyone in need of Physiotherapy or Strength & Conditioning coaching.  You'll have to do the hard work yourself but he'll get you going in the right direction.



Age: 27

Sydney, Australia

I started seeing Andrew in mid 2017 due to an ongoing groin injury. I previously had two surgeries on the affected area for a condition known as Gilmore's Groin. I'm an Irish Gaelic footballer and I have been active all my life. Being stuck on the sidelines was killing me.

Mid-season 2017, the injury began to creep back in and I was considering giving up. It had been troubling me for about two years on and off between surgeries. Once I saw Andrew he started me on a program that was specific to the injury and the goals I had.

I completed this year's pre-season and I am currently halfway through this season's games with little or no problem from the groin. Andrew stated consistency is key and to this day I'm still implementing his program into my training regime.

Since the start of the Gaelic Football season I have seen Andrew for other ankle and shoulder injuries sustained during the season. Again he provided me with excellent and structured guidance to allow me the ability to play the sport I love. I will continue to use Andrew as both a Physio and a mentor for general fitness as long I reside in Sydney. I would personally highly recommend Andrew. His knowledge is vast and execution precise.   



Age: 37

Sydney, Australia

I've been seeing Andrew for the last 10 months after seeing a chiropractor for over 3 years for my chronic back pain with little to no improvement. For months, Andrew not only provided me with treatment but gave me a workout program and strength and conditioning exercises that enable me to strengthen my back and also get me back into the gym.

He taught me consistency is the key and also helped me see through all the useless information that exists out there about pain and nutrition. Even more amazing, after years of yo-yo dieting, ridiculous diets that never work, (you name it, I’ve tried it), Andrew helped get my nutrition on track and I even managed to lose some weight.

My back is now the best it has ever been after so many years of living with back pain. It has definitely improved my overall wellbeing and mental state. It feels absolutely great waking up and pain not being the first thing you feel or think about.

Bottom line, Andrew is fantastic and brilliant at what he does. His passion for physio and his drive to get you moving again is incredible. He is a true genuine guy and his evidence-based approach makes everything so simple and easy to understand. I would no doubt recommend him to anyone who needs help getting moving again.



Age: 24

Sydney, Australia

I went to see Andrew after I started to develop a pain in my knee while squatting and was having trouble trying to identify the cause myself. It took Andrew less than 5 minutes to identify the cause of the problem, and then design a strengthening program to solve the issue without compromising my goals in other areas of my training. He also critiqued my form on some of the major lifts, and having adapted his changes, I am stronger than I have ever been.

I have been to other Physiotherapists in the past and have been frustrated at their advice to stop all training and purely focus on the rehab exercises they recommend. Andrew’s approach of combining rehab and strengthening exercises with current programming was exactly what I was after.

You only need to talk to Andrew briefly to see that he is very passionate about his work and his knowledge is extensive. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a Physiotherapist no matter what their issues/goals are.



Age: 28

Sydney, Australia

I contacted Andrew about 4 months after starting a new job, during which I started experiencing lower back pain due to prolonged periods of sitting. I've always been an athlete, so I was especially frustrated with my situation as it was impacting my ability to exercise and keep fit. After enduring the pain for a couple of weeks, I began to worry - so I looked for a physio.

Right off the bat, it was clear that Andrew knew what he was talking about. My back issue was immediately diagnosed, and after just a few sessions with Andrew, I was equipped with the knowledge and exercises to prevent future back pain. On top of what we covered during the assessment, I learned about effective exercise, possible routines, and nutrition during the same sessions due to our shared interest. 

I would recommend Andrew to anyone (and already have) - he has a clear passion for his work and knows the current science inside out.



Age: 42

Sydney, Australia

I first met Andrew whilst suffering from ongoing joint and muscle pain caused by the rigours of long distance triathlon training & racing.

Andrew quickly and accurately identified the injuries and provided me with effective treatment to get back into training and racing with a minimum of downtime. Once treated, he then led me towards a strength and conditioning program aimed towards injury prevention and performance improvement which has already paid dividends.

Andrew’s treatment has been highly effective and his S&C programs have been life-style-realistic and practical without requiring me to invest hours in the gym. I have confidence that, when I can commit even more time to his other programs (i.e. nutrition), I will see further performance gains across all 3 triathlon disciplines and improve my age group competitiveness.



Age: 59

Sydney, Australia

I went to see Andrew in the hope he might be able to help me with the pain I was experiencing due to a compromised nerve in my spine. I had seen a couple of other Physiotherapist's before him and he was fantastic! He really helped me to deal with the pain, and set an active regime for me that was relevant to my situation, age and needs. He created a weights programme for me that I now love. I found his knowledge and attitude very inspiring. It worked for me!



Age: 49

Sydney, Australia

I began seeing Andrew after suffering a running-related knee injury. Never having been to a physiotherapist before, I was expecting that my appointments would consist of a series of massages and manipulations to relieve the pain.

Andrew rapidly identified the problem (ITB friction syndrome) and instead of working on the knee, he gave me a series of strengthening exercises to improve the muscle support around the knee to address the problem. This was combined with a review of my running style which lead to changes in my running technique to reduce the chances of this reoccurring in the future. Following some tweaks to the exercise program to suit my needs, I made rapid progress in my recovery and now, two months after my first appointment with Andrew, I’m pain-free and running as fast if not faster than ever before.

I highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a physiotherapist as his solid, evidence-based approach to healing has proven results.



Age: 26

Sydney, Australia

Before starting with Andrew I had little, to no understanding the impact nutrition has on your physique, behaviour and muscle recovery. I recognised that the nutrition and diet industry is flooded with thousands of complex diets and plans to get you ripped and healthy at the expense of your wallet and/or personal well being. Andrew's scientific and sustainable approach to nutrition allows you to understand the basic nature of human anatomy by acknowledging that your body needs fuel and specific percentages of vital macros. It allows you to quickly appreciate that complex diet and nutrition plans are a gimmick.

Working with Andrew helped me achieve my goal of three kilos of added muscle mass, it helped me recover quickly from training and workouts and it improved my overall state of mind and health. I highly recommend working with Andrew as his enthusiasm to health and nutrition is infectious, his knowledge is extremely deep and the overall process with him is enjoyable and fun.



Age: 26 

Sydney, Australia 

When I met Andrew I had been bouncing from one diet to another but nothing seemed to stick - Paleo, Keto, you name it. Not only had all these fad diets failed to 'work', they had left me feeling lethargic, irritable and with the attention span of a toddler.

After two months of working with Andrew, I have honestly never felt better. Yes I've dropped a few kilograms, but I've also noticed improvements in my mood, sleep, hormones and energy levels.

Andrew has been patient and supportive from day one. He actually cares and his passion for healthy living is contagious. He has also helped to see through all the BS in the health market and stop demonising certain food groups. My diet and exercise now has the flexibility that the real world demands. And, because it's not a 'diet', it actually feels easy and sustainable.

Would I recommend him? 100%. Any woman wrestling with her weight and all the mixed messages out there needs this man, his approach works!



Age: 26

Sydney, Australia

Purely due to my body type (skinny, quick metabolism) I have always been relatively lean and really struggled to put on weight/muscle. I thought I was eating the right foods (and enough of it) and had read enough generic "best-5-day-gym-splits" articles to think I was doing the right things in the gym. Yet, for all my consistent work, i wasn't seeing any changes.

Then I spoke to Andrew and my whole line of thinking changed in an instant. It was truly a "mind blown" moment. Turns out what I was eating was completely wrong and I was trying to train like a bodybuilder, which clearly I am not.

Andrew's dedication/knowledge allowed me to achieve my ultimate weight/physique. My consumption and gym routines drastically changed. I went from those "5 day 'bro' splits" to only needing to go to... 3 times a week! Everything I did/have done was tailored to me and it's worked. I commenced the program at 75kg and now, 5 months later, I'm 81kg and never felt/looked better.



Age: 24

Wagga Wagga, Australia

I played Australian Rules Football up until a few years ago. After retiring I took up long distance running combined with regular gym sessions. When I first started in the gym I was weighing 77kg. I was going to the gym 3-4, even 5 times a week when possible but I wasn’t seeing any significant gains. My nutrition was very high in protein due to reading a lot of articles that enforce high protein with minimal carbs. I had also read a lot about different workout routines. I found them to be so focused on upper body and core.

Andrew and I have known each other for years. I knew that Andrew was very well educated and experienced with physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition. I reached out to Andrew for some advice. We began working closely together on my nutrition and workouts. Andrew reshaped my whole nutrition and workout program and changed my outlook on both aspects of health.

After only a small number of weeks, the results were becoming obvious. What Andrew did for me changed my perception on everything. He had me working smarter, not harder. The end results over the space of 12 weeks were incredible. I increased my weight to 84kg in this period. The biggest gain for me hasn’t been the body shape and gain of muscle. It has been the amount of education, energy and strength in my life now.   

One major quality of Andrew’s that really helped me, was how well he practises what he preaches. He is so passionate about living a healthy life and it is infectious. I would highly recommend working with Andrew to anyone thinking of taking the next step with their health and seeing some serious results.