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WPF Home Program

Wild Physio Fitness offers a self-guided home training program – WPF Home Program. This have been specifically designed for people who want to workout from the comfort of their own home, but still want the benefit of working with a professional trainer.

Recommended equipment: dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells, barbell, weights bench, glute bands, home step etc. (get creative to replicate these things if you don't have them: all this equipment is NOT essential, but it will help). Recommendations are also made within the WPF app on how to use home objects during your training. 

Since you don't have to meet with Andrew in Neutral Bay for your training, it's perfect for anyone who wants to train from home and/or who doesn't live in Sydney. If you are self-motivated and don’t need someone physically in the gym or at home with you to keep you on track, then this type of training is for you!

How can Andrew help you get fit?

Andrew acknowledges that not everyone has the time or the budget to meet regularly with a personal trainer, but he is still committed to helping you achieve your optimal fitness. As a qualified Physiotherapist, personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, Andrew's experience as the head Physio at the Sydney Swans Academy and Golf Fit Pro, makes him eminently qualified to help you achieve your fitness goals.

WPF Home Program is designed to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly. You will also have access to the WPF app, which provides detailed video tutorials and instructions on how to select the best program for your needs. The app also includes a messaging system, macro calculator, Fitbit integration, nutrition tracking and barcode scanner (600,000+ food items), offline mode, progress photos & measurements, and private YouTube training videos.

WPF Home Program includes the following:

  • WPF Home Program
  • WPF detailed and private exercise video tutorials
  • Access to the WPF app and private FB group
  • 'Your Body Bible' eBook to guide you through your program and educate you on exercise & nutrition and give you a taste of 'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition'
  • Cancel any time

What are the costs of WPF Home Program?

Your costs for WPF Program is $35 per month – For more information - Click Here

For more information about WPF Home Program, call Andrew on 0404 775 652 or shoot him an email on