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‘Do this to fix your back pain!’

Posted by Nicholas Dang on
‘Do this to fix your back pain!’

If you browse social media, you would have come across many things that claim to ‘fix’ back pain, from self-massage tools and posture correctors to that one magic exercise you ‘need’ to do.

You might then go and buy that brace or try that stretch for a couple weeks and your pain improves… But was it that intervention that helped? And will it last?

Interestingly, most cases of back pain tend to improve over time without treatment. So, if you try anything at the right time, it can appear effective. In other words, your pain could have improved ‘despite’ what you did rather than ‘because of’ what you did.

A lot of ‘quick fixes’ on social media are not based on strong research (or any research) and may only provide short-term relief at best. While perhaps not as easy or attractive, physical activity and exercise are among the best treatments for back pain. This is because they can improve your pain, mood and function both short-term and long-term, and they can also be done independently.

So, try to be sceptical the next time you read or hear about a silver bullet for back pain, and reach out to us if you are unsure what to do.


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