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Not all research is good research

Posted by Nicholas Dang on
Not all research is good research
Just because a clinician says there’s research to support a diagnosis or treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true.

If you look hard enough, you’re likely to be able to find at least one study that ‘sounds’ supportive of whatever it is you want to claim.

For example, some clinicians claim that research studies support a weak core as the cause of low back pain.
▪️ Yes, studies have shown that people with back pain can get better with core strengthening exercises
▪️ But studies have also shown that people can get better with exercises that don’t focus on the core specifically (e.g., Pilates, general strengthening, walking) 1️⃣

Sometimes research studies are not well conducted, so their findings should be interpreted with caution. Sometimes studies might be well conducted, but their findings could be misinterpreted by readers.

So, be wary that if someone plays the ‘research’ card, it doesn’t mean that whatever they’re saying is infallible.


1️⃣ Hayden et al. (2021) (PMID: 34538747)

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